Step Right and Concepts Marketing Through Social Media Platform For Your Business

One opportunity for you to know which network to include in your social media marketing plan. The three major networks are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You also have Pinterest, Google+, Snapchat and Instagram. You will need to know the network that will allow you to connect with the most highly interactive segment of your niche. You need to determine which of these sites you have to show up and where would you get the most benefit from. That way you will not spend hours every day on sites you really do not need and you will be more focused. But the three main sites Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

So Let’s Start With Facebook

Facebook used to connect with friends and share information about their interests and what they do. But your goal is to use it as social media for business. You have to consider when your target audience is likely to be active on Facebook. Paying attention to your posting frequency and time of day you post. Is the writing at a certain time will likely receive more comments or likes? If so, adjust your social media content for a particular time of day. What works for one target audience may not work for another for social media engagement. That’s where social media marketing strategy comes into play. If you target entrepreneurs who work from home, then the working days of the day is usually a good time to send.


Twitter is a lot like Facebook. Your main goal is to develop your follower base so your message can be seen by as many people as possible. Your goal with Twitter is to drive awareness and new customers for your business. As awareness rises, you have the opportunity to transform followers into new customers. You’ll also want to make the customer involved, so that they keep coming back and tell others about your business. Make sure that you use a variety of social media content. Mixing your post. Share tips social media to educate, posting funny to make them laugh, and social media content to put a smile on their faces. You also want to share about 20% of your own content.

and LinkedIn

You can think of LinkedIn as a “business-only” version of another platform that I’m talking about. LinkedIn focuses on forging relationships between professionals.

As you can imagine, this makes LinkedIn is a powerful resource if you want to find clients, learn about resources-related industries, and build partnerships-all without getting bogged down in the bureaucracy of the company. If your company is business-to-business (B2B) venture, then LinkedIn offers a very valuable way to meet your potential customers. And if you do not, it still gives you the opportunity to connect with professionals in related industries and create your own knowledge network. You must dedicate at least 30 minutes every day for your social media campaign on LinkedIn.

So make sure that you spend your time on social media sites where you will get the most benefit for your niche. Determining the social media channels are most important to your business and focus on it.

Deborah Northcutt is the owner I help the public speaker, life and business coach, and entrepreneur only by giving you more time in the day to increase your network and the network. I made you out overwhelm and stress to perform administrative tasks such as organization of email, calendar scheduling, and respond to requests for speakers. To help you plan your social media content

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